About Us


The Bourbon Lodge is pleased to offer deluxe overnight accommodations in our authentic timber frame lodge overlooking two spring fed lakes and surrounded by forests that make up the northern edge of the Ozark Region.

The 300 acre facility, including lodge and lakes can be rented by the day for private events or scheduled for overnight stays as part of hunting or other packages. The Bourbon Lodge is also a great place for a quiet relaxing bed and breakfast. The lodge has three bedrooms, each with their own private bath and a bunk room with private bath and additional living space. 

Thanks to a commercial grade kitchen, an amazing cook, upscale dining area, and private bedrooms with private baths you will find that the luxuries offered by the Bourbon Lodge are uncommon in the industry. The facility also has a sporting clay station and dog kennels on site.

Bourbon Lodge has deliberately designed its activities and its environment for the purpose of building relationships, shared memories and trust. From the lodge’s all wood timber frame construction, hunting over challenging terrain with solid dogs, fishing, shooting and nightly bonfires to recount the days events, everything is designed to ensure an amazing well rounded experience.


All Inclusive Packages ~ Guns, Ammo, Safety Gear & Instruction

1/2 Day - Multi Day Hunts for 2 - 50 ~ Corporate Oriented ~ Family Friendly


What Is Hunting Anyway?

Hunting is an important primal bonding experience that connects modern man with his past. From an evolutionary perspective, to be recognized as a member of the ‘hunting pack (or hunting party)’ is both an honor and a privilege, traditionally reflected as a right of passage. Consequently, to include someone as part of your hunting party is to extend rank, trust and respect to that person. A lifetime on the links together cannot compare to one rewarding hunt and an evening around a bonfire. The Bourbon Lodge has assembled all of the essential components that make hunting and fishing a meaningful experience from beginning to end. The Bourbon Lodge is ideal for building new business and personal relationships, bridging generation gaps or celebrating old friendships.